Several logo designs for a wide range of clients such as politicians, production companies and social organisations.
Good Jobs Campaign is an organisation of Citizens UK, to connect employers in skills gap sectors with talented young people.
Flytones is a duo of music producers from Istanbul.
Logo design for Fresh Cut Smell, a film production team in London.
Logo design for Zenu, a production company in London.
Logo design for Get Real!, a social organisation in the UK.
Logo design for Inskino, a video production company in Istanbul.
Logo design for Manifesto for Change 2015, a campaign of Unions Together before the general elections.
Logo design for Worklife, a funky disco-pop project from Chicago.
Badge design for Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. This badge was printed on t-shirts sold in the official club store.
Logo design for Byron Taylor, a Labour Party campaigner and Trade Unionist.
Logo design for Ian Lavery, British Labour Party politician and Member of Parliament (MP) for Wansbeck.
Logo design for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.