SuperCarers is a digital platform that helps families find the best care professionals in their area and provide the tools they need to easily manage the care themselves. I worked for them as a Product Designer to re-design the product by creating a brand new interface and enhancing the user experience.
Three different user groups log into the web app to use different tools. Customers manage their care, book carers, pay invoices, update their needs. Carers manage their shifts, submit timesheets, find care jobs. Admin login is for the operation team that supports both sides by using various modules to make sure that everything is running smoothly. We improved the responsiveness by taking a mobile-first approach.
Lots of research went into the process of creating a sustainable modular design system. Creating dashboard screens for the users to have quick overviews and actions in one place was the first practical step.
Considering the user demographics, usability and simplicity were the priorities at each stage. Easing the burden on the operation team's shoulders was one of the goals, as we aimed to give users more control over the process. Working in collaboration with the Head of Front End and Product Manager, we conducted UX workshops within the team to solve the problems in the most efficient ways.
The design work done for the platform is protected, so most of it cannot be displayed here. Please contact me if you’d wish to talk about it or to see more bits and pieces.
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"Can was pivotal in the creation of a new, sustainable and beautiful interface. He kept us up to date with the latest design trends and was a key player in other areas of the business, such as working with our front-end team to improve the user experience. On a personal level, he was a pleasure to work with and his contribution went beyond his domain expertise." 
Adam Pike, CEO of SuperCarers